Why Nobody Cares About B&Q Brighton


Weber barbeques are regarded by many as being the best available. Their range of charcoal, gas and electric options are designed to suit all abilities B&Q Brighton and budgets.


In this article we take a look at how you should go about cooking on a Weber barbeque (BBQ) and most of the hints and tips that we've included can be applied to all sorts of BBQ cooking.

The first thing that we should state is that what we're talking about here is the use of barbeques, rather than grilling.

Some of you may think of these two ways of cooking as being identical. We tend to differentiate between the two.

BBQ cooking is usually done in the great outdoors, heating the food, ideally done in a relatively slow manner. We might expect our food to have a slightly smoked taste by the time that we finish with it.

The situation will a grill is somewhat different. Grilling is usually done indoors and most of the time we would use a much higher heat.

Here we come to the first problem that many face when cooking outdoors. Many people assume that cooking times will be the same as for using a quality grill.

This is unlikely to be the case. You should aim for an even heat outside and allow the food to cook relatively quickly. It's vital that you don't eat food until its properly cooked.

The ideal should be an even cook, with a darker outside. If you're consistently cooking food that looks black on the outside, but is still raw in the middle, then you have a problem.

Maybe you should pay more attention to the cooking! If the BBQ is too hot, then move food to one side if necessary. There's no point wasting perfectly good food by cooking it incorrectly.

Long before the advent of charcoal briquettes and propane people were cooking their meals over wood fueled fires. From the days of cave-men to less than one hundred years ago wood was the fuel of choice when it came to cooking. In this modern age we are constantly looking for a faster, cleaner and easier way to do everything, including preparing our meals. This has led to the development of bigger accessory laden gas fueled grills lining the isles of home improvement stores and showing up in our backyards.

But for the barbeque purists out there nothing tastes quite the same as preparing their favorite barbeque dish over a wood fired grill.

Why is this? What could possibly work better then the latest and greatest in barbecue technology?

Depending on the type of wood used the "Grill-Master" (that guy who hovers over the grill creating barbecue master pieces) can create flavors in the meat, poultry or fish that just cannot be had over a more modern gas fueled grill. This flavor can further be adjusted just by the amount of wood used, how hot the fire is, and how much smoke the meat is allowed to marinate in.

There are several types of wood fired barbeques on the market today. They are sometimes referred to as smoker grills.

The offset firebox is the one most of us are used to seeing. These come in all sizes, from small family sized units to large trailer born monsters capable of feeding several hundred people. The distinguishing characteristic of the offset firebox is, well the offset firebox. Set off to the side and slightly below the main cooking chamber is the firebox. This separates the food from direct heat and allows for a nice slow cooking temperature.

The bullet style smoker is not actually a smoker but more of what is called a cold smoker or water smoker. They use a pan of water between the heat source and the meat, thereby blocking any direct heat that would cause any overcooking. In a sense they are not really considered a barbecue because of the way they work.

The main chamber cooker is the third type of wood fired barbeque. These are barrel shaped and allow the fire to be built off to one side with the meat offset from the wood allowing for an indirect cooking method. You do need to be careful with how large of a fire gets built because there is no physical separation between the heat source and the meat. The fire need to be kept small and tended in a timely manner throughout the cooking process.

Of course all this is a moot point if you do not select the right type of wood. For a wood fired barbecue nothing works better than a fruit bearing hardwood such as oak, hickory, pecan, maple apple and of course from Texas mesquite. Do not use softwoods or the wood from evergreens or conifers. Aside from burning at a lower temperature they are loaded with sap which will leave a bad taste on anything you cook.

Cooking meat over a wood fire has been something humans have been doing for thousands of years. With the newer and more modern wood barbecue smokers on the market today it is possible for just about anyone to enjoy real wood fired barbecue.